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  1. utes past the hour; Click on the maps to zoom and reload. These.
  2. ute. Radio propagation is reported by amateur radio operators via the DX Cluster.
  3. ute. There is no need you click the refresh button of your.
  4. ed the server databases for useful propagation data and developed a new map showing recent HF connection paths on a worldwide basis. You can view the new map here. Stations that do not report gridsquare positions (especially gateways) can not shown
  5. ator and the regions of the world where the sun is 12 degrees below the horizon (which estimates the gray-line corridor where HF propagation is usually enhanced)
  6. VHF Propagation Map This map shows real-time radio propagation from stations operated near 144 MHz. It uses data gathered by Automatic Packet Reporting System-Internet Service (APRS-IS) from packet stations in the amateur radio service. The map shows activity from the past hour. Paths are smoothed to create a color-coded footprint indicating the distance VHF signals are likely to be traveling.

* Propagation probability based on data from WSPRnet (Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network) Spot Database PROPAGATION BASED ON DX-CLUSTER Conditions at 00-10MHz (92%) based on DX-Cluste HF propagation prediction is a statistical science. The maximum usable frequency (MUF) is the highest frequency that, with a probability of 50% of the time, can be used for radio communication between two points at a specified distance (but not necessary in all directions) via refraction by the ionosphere DX Propagation by DR2W! High resolution SNR (Signal-Noise-Radio) maps which are in pseudo color. Propagation based on the actual sunspot number

Here you can find some relevant Solar Data such as SFI, K-index, A-index and and diagrams to inform yourself about the current and future HF-propagation for the HF amateur radio bands A HAP Chart (Hourly Area Prediction) specifies the Maximum Usable Frequency (MUF) for HF communications between the base specified and any location on the map. The colors represent the MUF for communications between that location on the map and the base selected

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HF Propagation. The links below provide information about High Frequency propagation. Please note the RSGB is not responsible for the content of external websites. For interesting plots of amateur propagation analysis see pages from G3CWI, including Scattergrams, Chirp soundings, Pedersen Ray Doppler Plots; UK monthly short path propagation forecast maps from G0KYA; 160m propagation; Top Band. Tropospheric Propagation Forecast Beyond the Horizon Menu Skip to content. Home; Europe. Eastern Europe; Worlwide; Atlantic Ocean. Atlantic D4 - EI; Atlantic D4 - FY; Africa. South Africa to Saint Helena ; Australia. Great Australian Bight; Australia to New Zeland; Asia; North America. North America west coast; West coast to Hawaï; The Caribbean; About. Contact; Europe. Forecasts for. Great resource for propagation conditions www.dxmaps.co

HF propagation prediction tool for Amateur Radio If you are planning on a DXpedition, consider adding an interactive propagation map to your web site (see example). To create the map: configure HamCap (set your QTH, year, month, SSN, antenna types, etc.); right-click on the map and click on Pre-Compute Maps in the popup menu; wait until all maps are computed. Depending on your CPU speed. Ionospheric HF Propagation Map source: Australian Government IPS Radio and Space Services The members of HFpack wish to express appreciation for the propagation services provided by the Australian Government. HFpack is the International Resource for Amateur Radio HF Portable - Mobile - Emergency Communications - Ham Radio Information Exchange - Nets - Ionospheric Propagation. HFpack provides. Notes: Propagation maps created with HamCAP and based on the predicted smooth sunspot number for the month and CW/100w to a dipole at 35ft. These are a rough guide and do not take into account long-path openings or sporadic E short-path openings in May-August General HF Propagation Tools: For monthly median HF propagation predictions between any two points on the planet allowing full control over input parameters. Gwyn G4FKH's Predtest. James HZ1JW's Proppy. Quick overview of propagation for UK for every month and for every hour, using VOACAP, along with solar indices, K index graph and solar. This website uses cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. We also share information about the use of our site (never private information) with our social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you have provided to them or that they have collected from your use of their services

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  1. Propagation Tools & Maps... Tony's 10 metre band report - G4CJC'S weekly look at activity on the 10 metre band.; VOACAP Online 1 - Professional-grade high-frequency (3-30 MHz) point-to-point propagation predictions.; VOACAP Online 2 - Professional-grade high-frequency (3-30 MHz) coverage area prediction map generator.; VOACAP quick guide - HF Propagation Prediction and Ionospheric.
  2. ed the server databases for useful propagation data and developed a new map showing recent HF connection paths on a worldwide basis. You can view the new map here. Stations that do not report gridsquare positions (especially gateways) can not shown. If you aren't seeing your QSO's check your software settings. BPQ.
  3. istration Space Weather Prediction Center forecasts a solar maximum between 105 and 125, with the peak occurring between November 2024 and March 2026
  4. VOACAP (Voice of America Coverage Analysis Program) is free professional high-frequency (HF) propagation prediction software from NTIA/ITS, originally developed for Voice of America (VOA). This 'work-in-progress' guide should get you well started with the software. A more comprehensive discussion about the finer details of using the software can be found in George Lane's book Signal-to-Noise.
  5. Forecasting thunderstorms and severe cctive weather across the British Isles and Ireland for up to the next 5 days
  6. Understanding HF propagation reports The very first thing I noticed when I got interested with propagation was a vast number of websites displaying charts and grids related to HF propagation conditions, but I didn't really understand them at first at first. There are more types of measurements about the Sun's activities than most care to understand, but there are a few ones that are very.
  7. Ok so whats this map about. It's just a simple radio propagation map that shows generally how signals propagate during the day versus the night. On the left side you have all the HF bands during the day. This shows that most of the lower bands 160,80,60 meters get absorbed by the D-layer of the atmosphere which is created at various intensities by the Sun. So for these bands most DX ( bounce.

Soon: DXplanet ™ Real-Time Propagation Maps; HF Propagation Overview; Acknowledgement. For the real-time effective solar sunspot number (SSN e): The author wishes to thank James Secan, Senior Research Scientist, Retired, of NorthWest Research Associates, Inc (NWRA) for his continuing efforts to keep the Space Weather Indices Summary 1 server online. References. 1. NorthWest Research. HF Propagation is a handy little ad supported windows phone 7 application to inform Ham Radio Operators and Short Wave listners about the current band conditions. It displays not only the current status of the HF and VHF bands, but also additional solar and terrestial progatation related data HFUnderground.com Propagation Data and Tools RadioHobbyist.org Blog. AtmosFEAR Regular (non space) Weather discussions Current UTC time and date: 0617 20-11-2020 . X-Ray Flux; A Index; K Index; Ionosphere; Aurora; Longwave; foF2 and T Index; Skip Zone; Solar Cycle; Solar Map; Geospace. Dashboard. X-Ray Flux These graphs show the solar x-ray flux levels for the past three days, as well as the.

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How HF Propagation Works -Sky Wave •Signals travel up to the ionosphere, where some of the energy may be reflected back towards the earth •Signals reflected back may bounce again back up to the ionosphere •This process may repeate itself many times, resulting in the signal's traveling great distances, even completely around the earth (long path) •Ionosphere: Region above the. HF-Propagation Propagation Map LoTW User List DARC DX-MB IC-7400 microKEYER II PA ME1200-H Spiderbeam World Time Map DX-Cluster/Skimmer BCC-Kalender Locator-Map Logbuch DL9GTB LogMap DL9GTB Audio Files DL9GTB Afu-Flohmarkt interne Suche Zufallsbild: zur Fotogalerie » Lexikon: Service by Wikipedia: KW Ausbreitungsprognose für DL-Stationen: Berechnungsgrundlage: Leistung 100 Watt, Antenne. HF Propagation Predictions - Part 1 by G3YTU 1 HF PP Article v1 Part 1 G3YTU Published February 2016 INTRODUCTION This article was written as a follow-on to my presentation on the subject of 'HF Propagation Predictions' given to the Mid Sussex Amateur Radio Society on the 13. th. November 2015 incorporating the RSGB Propagation Studies Committee (PSC) Video 'Understanding HF. If you want to learn more about propagation and what all this information is talking about please check out this excellent presentation about propagation. Understanding HF/VHF/UHF/SHF Propagation Paul L Herrman N0NBH 11 July 201

Global E-layer critical frequency map; HF Propagation Conditions in visual form from IPS Australia ; Today's Space Weather from NOAA See also this site Includes GOES X-ray flux data in near-real-time ; Low- and Mid-Latitude Auroral Alerts (24-hour delay) Real Time Auroral Monitor from N1BUG ; VLF Propagation . Whistler Mode Propagation; 135.0-137.7 LF Band from VERON ; RSGB LF Forum (1998. Proppy HF Circuit Prediction: Review this program: Displays the NCDXF/IARU International Beacon Project's scheduled transmissions and performs propagation predictions for the current month between each beacon and your location using Proppy, based on the ITURHFProp application (A software method for the prediction of the performance of HF circuits in accordance with Recommendation ITU-R P.533. HF Propagation predictions are just that, predictions calculated using the available data. Of course, actual conditions at your location depend on a lot of additional items. The only sure-fire way to determine if the bands are open is to fire up that HF rig and get on the air! Data for VHF Conditions is from DXrobot - Gouda, Make More Miles on VHF, and Andy (G7IZU) (all used with permission. Propagation forecast category is a curation of 21 web resources on , Tropospheric Propagation Forecast, Proppy Online HF Propagation Prediction, Band Conditions. Resources listed under Propagation Forecast category belongs to Propagation main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators HF Propagation From The RadioReference Wiki. Radio and TV signals aren't always limited to traveling line of sight distances. On HF this is commonly caused by refraction (bending) of the signal at the upper layers of the atmosphere known as the ionosphere. On frequencies higher than this, while solar activity plays a role, Earth based weather events are the most common cause of propagation.

HF Propagation Prediction The tools provided by this web application enable users to predict available frequencies, signal levels and corresponding reliabilities for High Frequency (HF) circuits. All predictions are performed using the ITU's ITURHFPROP application; a software method for the prediction of the performance of HF circuits in accordance with Recommendation ITU-R P.533-14 If clickable map format won't work : 1. Do you have JavaScript enabled ? 2. Is your browser up-to-date ? 3. If it still won't work, you can still get the old style webpage by replacing .html by _old.htm A grayline map of the world is also available. Radio propagation between locations within the grayline region of the world is often greatly enhanced. DX Toolbox's grayline map makes it easy for you to determine where those locations are. Grayline propagation has been used by expert ham radio operators and DXers for years to catch elusive stations The lower the readings, the better HF / shortwave propagation conditions are. Ranges are A1-A9,B1-B9,C1-C9,M1-M9,X1 and up. Low readings, especially in the A range, generally indicate good conditions. Higher readings can indicate poor conditions. Solar flares can cause readings to jump into the M and X range, which can cause radio blackouts for paths in the sunlit area

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  1. 1. Introduction [2] HF propagation prediction programs such as VOACAP [Lane, 2001], ASAPS [ASAPS, 2005], and Rec‐533 [ITU, 2005] provide monthly median predictions that are used to plan an HF communications link some months to years in advance.The planning is mostly in terms of the best frequency to use for a given circuit at a given time. The antenna and power requirements are usually.
  2. VHF Propagation Maps - Experimental maps that show real-time VHF propagation derived from analyzing data gathered from the APRS-IS network. [ Hits: 3706 | Votes: 39 | Rating: 4.02 ] VHF/UHF Propagation - In the past few years there has been a growing movement from VHF frequencies (50-300 MHz) to UHF (300-900 MHz). Many, however, have found.
  3. Using DX Maps to understand HF propagation conditions - Duration: 12:48. Amateur Extra Lesson 10.1, Topics in HF Propagation - Duration: 17:44. David Casler 8,686 views. 17:44. Portable ham.

HF Radio Propagation Description. HF radio relies on reflections from the ionosphere which can be impacted by space weather. The Sun emits electromagnetic radiation that spans a continuum of wavelengths from radio, through microwave, infrared, visible, ultraviolet x-ray and beyond. Ultraviolet radiation interacts with the upper atmosphere to form an ionized layer known as the ionosphere. Radio. Hf Propagation Maps, free hf propagation maps freeware software download A simple application to assist ham radio operators in everyday HF propagation prediction.The application calculates MUF (Maximum Usable Frequency) and LUF (Lowest Usable Frequency) to any location in the world based on SSN data. The application is based on MicroMUF, developed in 1984 by Raymond Fricker from BBC External Service. Although the algorithms used in MicroMUF have some limitations. Review of HF propagation analysis & prediction programs. 58 programs at a glance. While listening or planning to work a DX station, the radio amateur would like to know what are the current propagation conditions, know if the propagation is open toward a specific location at a specific time, or at what time the band will be open for a specific point-to-point circuit. At other occasions, the.

Live solar data from NOAA, auroral maps and anything else I find that interesting about propagation on the HF bands. Looking for live propagation maps.. Aids To Understanding HF Propagation Numbers and Using HF Beacon Tracking Programs by N4UJW. This article is in 2 parts: 1. Propagation number understanding 2. HF Beacon Tracking Programs . 1. HOW TO UNDERSTAND PROPAGATION NUMBERS Understanding hf propagation can be a daunting task for the newcomer to hf radio. There is much information on the internet and when you consider all of the theory.

On-line Interactive Maps If you are planning on a DXpedition, consider adding an interactive propagation map to your web site (see example). To create the map: configure HamCap (set your QTH, year, month, SSN, antenna types, etc.); right-click on the map and click on Pre-Compute Maps in the popup menu; wait until all maps are computed. SPLAT! is an RF Signal Propagation, Loss, And Terrain analysis tool for the electromagnetic spectrum between 20 MHz and 20 GHz. It is free and open source, and there are builds for Windows and Mac if you don't want to compile from source on linux yourself. I haven't used it, so I can't speak to ease of use, but it should generate propagation maps based on elevation models and RF propagation. Propagation of HF radio waves over northerly paths: measurements, simulation and systems aspects Fig. 14.1. Map showing the propagation paths discussed in this paper. Also shown is the position of the trough as estimated by the model of Halcrow and Nisbet (1977) for 00:00 UT on 11th March 2001,Kp=3. The fou Modeling Near Vertical Incidence Sounding (NVIS) High Frequency (HF) signal propagation in the ionosphere is important. Because, ionosondes which are special types of radars probing the ionosphere with certain HF frequencies (between 2 and 30 MHz), work mostly in NVIS mode (where elevation angle is between 89 and 90°) Measuring HF propagation. HF propagation conditions can be simulated using radio propagation models, such as the Voice of America Coverage Analysis Program, and realtime measurements can be done using chirp transmitters. For radio amateurs the WSPR mode provides maps with real time propagation conditions between a network of transmitters and.

VOACAP Online Coverage Map Predictions; VOACAP DX Charts; VOACAP Propagation Planner (for contests & DXpeditions) VOACAP Greyline; Propagation Predictions. Here are some Propagation Prediction sites: 27-day Space Weather Outlook Table; K6TU Propagation As a Service; NOAA - Report and Forecast of Solar and Geophysical Activity Join The Daily DX Today! Free 2 Week Trial. Sample Issue. Connect. So this map can be used as a guide to help determine the regions of the ionosphere that will permit propagation to the greatest distances. Signals that pass through the equatorial region (where the hmF2 is high) may easily travel much farther than signals that are broadcast elsewhere, specifically because the maximum altitude where signals can be returned to the Earth is higher than elsewhere Grey Line HF Radio Propagation Grey or gray line propagation is a form of HF radio propagation apparent at dawn and dusk where signals travelling along the line are heard at much higher strengths. Ionospheric propagation tutorial includes . . . NVIS HF Propagation is in daily use by United States Military Forces and government emergency agencies at all levels of government on a daily basis. The reason is that it works very reliably. NVIS Critical Role. NVIS is typically used for communication ranges of from 50 to 600 miles. When topographical features, such as mountainous terrain, are involved, the typical ground wave distance of 50. Mind maps. Anki decks. CQ Serenade. ON6ZQ's awards SOTA; WWFF; ARPOC; Other sites: www.christophedavid.org; www.harmonyradio.be ; Solar-Terrestrial Data by n0nbh. PLANETARY K-INDEX (Kp) Understanding HF & VHF propagation conditions using data from N0NBH's HAMQSL Solar Data Panel; STATION K AND A INDICES; Here comes the sun; www.solarham.net; QST February 2014 pages 78-79 Space Weather Woman.

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Past months propagation improved, resulting in relative good propagation on HF. Those who have DX ears must have noticed that 10m long distance propagation acted in a more or less remarkable way. Fellow DX' ers on forums reported signals with multiple echoes that are certainly not from a CB echo mike. Some say it must be a signal that travels all around the globe that causes the echo. Well. HF radio in more severe weather conditions. Given that many users of HF radio - for military communications or humanitarian needs, for example - operate in extreme environments, there may be more than just rain to contend with. Stormy conditions, as can be expected at certain times of year in tropical zones, can lead to increased background.

Refund Policy. Special saving program. generico levitra on line: generico cialis on line: purchase levitra onlin Proppy HF Circuit Prediction: Radcom Predictions. This page has been produced in collaboration with the RSGB's Propagation Studies Committee (PSC) and allows users to create versions of RadCom's monthly propagation predictions, tailored to their preferred modes and equipment. Predictions are performed between the user's position, expressed as a Maidenhead Locator (or the default value of IO92. Call to Action. Understand the propagation today: Search the DX Summit Database or the Reverse Beacon Network for beacon spots. If you can hear a beacon now, send a report to DX Summit. (Share a spot on the right hand side). If you hear a beacon that is shown as off the air above, or if you hear a beacon that is malfunctioning in some way, please let us know

ITS HF Propagation new version 2018-04-17 click here to download XLX147A & TG24098 now transcoded internally The AMBE3003USB board providing internal transcoding is now active. All D-Star protocols (DCS, REF & XRF) are transcoded towards DMR & vice versa. RPN on Zello For those who like to meet on Zello the channel Robust Packet Networkis available. Group type is Zelect+ to stay private. - If I've got this right, folks go to HF for regular old ionosphere propagation, and the lower freq you choose the more often you'll see it skip, depending on how the sun is stirring up our atmosphere. Conversely, the higher your freq the more the ions have to be banging around to make your signal come back down somewhere else. VHF propagation relies on somewhat rarer, much more finicky.

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1). Ground-wave propagation occurs, for example, when you contact another station across town on an hf band. Amateur com- munications of up to 50 miles are typically possible via ground wave. I It is the sky 'Notes appear on page 15. . MoerfelderLandstrasse 26, D-6070 Langen/Hessen, Fed. Rep. of Germany wave that provides amateurs with th Understanding HF propagation conditions and predictions are important for your contest strategy to maximize the points. Using prediction software is increasingly easier; there are web-based services & smartphone apps. 3. Study grayline maps! Propagation predictions on the lower bands are of less use, we will need to study the grayline maps. 4.

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HF Propagation by KD1F The sun has a large effect on communications on Earth. Solar flares, as well as sunspots, can make long-distance communications possible - or impossible. The Atmosphere • Troposphere: Height between 0 and 7 miles. Clouds form here, temperature decreases rapidly with altitude. • Stratosphere: range from 6 to 30 miles. Gases spread out here, region of the jet stream. DR2W DX-PROPAGATION; DXMaps - Realtime Maps zur Funkausbreitung HF und VHF/UHF; Funkausbreitung auf Kurzwelle (weitere visuelle Prognose) VOACAP Online (Voice of America Coverage Analysis Program) WSPR map und WSPRNET.ORG; Im Amateurfunkdienst werden in vielen Amateurfunkbändern darüber hinaus auch Funkbaken herangezogen, um die Ausbreitungsbedingungen in bestimmte Richtungen abzuschätzen. The most important propagation mode for HF radio communication is the Ionospheric Skywave propagation. Starting at the bottom of the D-layer and all the way till the top of the F2-layer lie a very wide zone where ionization of gasses in the air occurs. Ionization throughout the entire region is contiguous but follows a varying gradient pattern of ion density. The ionospheric layers D, E, F1. Makes use of DTEDs, online maps, topo maps. See the path profiles between links. Maps, networks, signal strengths, can be merged. U.S. Department of Commerce NTIA/ITS High Frequency Propagation Models HFWIN32 - Windows NT/2000/95/98/ME 32 bit versions of ICEPAC/VOACAP HF Propagation program (Free In this propagation bandwidth the HF field strength is not altered and allows sky wave propagation. Beyond the MUF the ionosphere is transparent to radio waves. This can be an advantage from dusk to dawn for radioastronomers for example whishing to listen Jupiter storms as the level of interference is low. Refer to the radioastronomy pages for more detail. As the MUF strongly depends on the.

Resizing NOAA/NWS US Advisory Maps; SPC Reports. SPC Storm Reports; SPC Convective Outlook; SPC Hazardous Wx; NWS SREF Map; SPC 2009-2015 Watch Summaries; SPC Main Page Emulator; SPC Severe Wx Probabilities; SPC 2009 Plus Yearly Watch Summaries; Jet Stream; Skew-T Charts; Rivers. Rivers; Almanac. Trends; 24-HR Rainfall Map; N. America 24 Hr. Large markers are monitors. Reception reports shown as times. Legend. Statistics — Comments to Philip Gladstone — Online discussions — Reception records: — Hosting by Fast Serv Networks, LL Instant propagation check. Global Network Tests; Check DNS Propagation; Articles; DNS Propagation Check Provides free dns lookup service for checking domain name server records against a randomly selected list of DNS servers in different corners of the world. Find out when we release new features and tools Includes news from DNSPerf and CDNPerf . Subscribe now. We rarely send messages, only. With a dense array of ground receivers, the TEC data may be processed tomographically to yield electron density maps with enough accuracy to reliably predict HF ray trajectories. 2 HF Propagation Modes in a Structured Ionosphere . The spatial resolution requirements for radio propagation through a highly resolved ionosphere are briefly described. HF Propagation in the ionosphere is affected by.

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Each mode of radio wave propagation is useful in different settings. HF radio, for example, is vital for base stations communicating with each other over vast distances, thanks to ionospheric transmission. HF radio is also useful for linking remote regions to the outside world, as HF radio communications is not reliant on conventional communications infrastructure. Similarly, VHF/UHF radio is. HF radio communications of various forms including two way radio communications, maritime mobile radio communications, radio broadcasting, amateur radio communications, and in fact any form of radio communications that uses the HF bands and ionospheric radio propagation is very dependent upon the state of the ionosphere. The higher the levels of radiation received from the Sun, the greater the.

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HF Propagation times - general rules. Critical, Maximum usable, lowest usable and Optimum Working frequencies. Critical frequency. In telecommunication, the term critical frequency has the following meanings: In radio propagation by way of the ionosphere, the limiting frequency at or below which a wave component is reflected by, and above which it penetrates through, an ionospheric layer. GRAYLINER grayline HF propagation map tool . Item Information. Condition: Used Very good Price: US $45.00 . Adding to your cart. The item you've selected was not added to your cart. Add to cart . Add to Watchlist Unwatch. 30-day returns. Longtime member. Free local pickup. Shipping: Free Local Pickup | See details . Item location: Boulder, Colorado, United States . Ships to: Local pick. For a point to point propagation prediction that depicts probabilities for each band and allows for determining the best frequency and best time to make a long distance HF contact, please see VOACAP Online. The quick guide for VOACAP Online can be found here.. The manual for VOACAP Online can be found here.. To create a coverage prediction map for any given band, use VOACAP based coverage. The 64 Bit application has enhanced features and uses Google Earth and Google Maps to provide detailed HF Area Coverage Maps. HF Propagation modeling for stationary TX with positional RX sites ; Has the ability to create a circuit probability area coverage map; Uses VOACAP and IONCAP Ionospheric Model; Antenna performance analysis capability for 1,650 preset antenna models **NOTE: Can only. HF Propagation is a handy little ad supported windows phone 7 application to inform Ham Radio Operators and Short Wave listners about the current band conditions. It displays not only the current status of the HF and VHF bands, but also additional solar and terrestial progatation related data. New in V1.5: * UI Improvements * Several new propagation charts including MUF. Mehr anzeigen.

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HF Propagation Primer. HF Radio 15 MHz. HF Terrain Assessment HFTA. Intro To HF Propagation - Australia. Ionogram Movies. NVIS East Coast. Predictions N6BV. Prop Report de DX.QSL.NET. Propagation Logger. Propagation Maps. QSO SWL Real Time Map. RSGB Beacon List . The Ionoshpere. Tropo Ducting Forecast. Understanding HF Prop. VHF Propagation based on APRS. WSPRnet. RSS News Feeds. Space Weather. Our maps are based on actual RF propagation, topography, and land cover data. Maps can be created for nearly every frequency range. Get Started. Coverage Maps. Create 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 3.65 GHz, and 5 GHz coverage areas quickly. Create for any frequency other than 88-107MHz FM Band. Multi Maps. View several coverage maps in one Google Maps screen! Link Path Analysis. Create printable Link.

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Propfire HF Propagation Stats for Firefox Propfire is a propagation utility for the Firefox webbrowser. It displays current HF propagation data in your status bar. VOACAP Quick Guide Guide to using VOACAP, free professional HF prediction software from NTIA/ITS. 160M Propagation: KG0VL VHF Aurora Radio Researc

Geodesy for Terrestrial HF Radio | VU2NSBHam Radio Atlas by SP6NVKVK7AN/VK9N & VK7YUM/VK9N – Norfolk IslandMaidenhead Grid Square Locator System - Ham Radio Q&A

Radio wave propagation largely depends on atmospheric conditions, the band and power used to operate the radio equipment. Ground waves are line of sight communication. Atmospheric conditions come into play when transmitting between ham radio stations that are farther away and so, because of the curvature of the earth, cannot be reached through a straight line. This is called a skywave. There are many different displays for HF propagation available but only one (that I can find - and the link came from a friend) that seems really usable. If you have or know of any other links that would be useful to others in ARES, please let me know W0IPL@ARRL.NET . There are more than just NVIS propagation maps here. Use what you like. Ionospheric Map - NVIS PROPAGATION North America. This. Global HF Propagation Conditions Global HF Propagation Conditions for 1900Z on 22 Nov, 2020 High Latitude: Fair Middle Latitude: Normal Low Latitude: Normal Geomagnetic Latitude Ranges: High: 60-90 degrees Middle: 20-60 degrees Low: 0-20 degrees. At 0805 UTC, on 9 August 2011, a strong magnitude X6.9 X-ray flare -- the strongest yet in this current solar cycle (Cycle 24) -- erupted on the. HF PROPAGATION. KN4LF 160 Meter Radio Propagation Theory Notes. The 160-Meter Band: An Enigma Shrouded in Mystery. Top Band Propagation . Basics of Radio Wave Propagation. Propagation Primer -- Excellent From AE4RV. W6ELProp™ -- By Sheldon C. Shallon, W6EL - predicts ionospheric (sky-wave) propagation between any two locations on the earth on frequencies between 3 and 30 MHz. YOU HAVE TO. The refraction and apparent reflection of HF radio waves by the ionosphere enables long range HF radio communications. The ionosphere is a distinctly irregular medium that is mostly driven by solar activity. Ionospheric models are useful in the prediction of ionospheric behaviour and in the provision of data required for the analysis and forecasting of ionospheric propagation 6.4 POOR HF PROPAGATION CONDITIONS figure 4 New map of the sectors in the NZZO FIR Selected instead of choose HF frequencies datas move to paragraph 4.2.1 figure 7 New map of New Zealand FIR 4.3.1 figure 8 New map of Nadi FIR 5.5.1 Web link from www.ips.gov.au for SFO station Appendix B1 Datas from Airservices Australia Added the SATCOM SHORT CODE Nr.

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