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From Namsan Seoul Tower, take a leisure walk down the mountain (especially beautiful in autumn for its autumn foliage and cherry blossom in spring) in the same direction as the bus going down to reach the base with Namsan Shuttle Bus's Bus Stop (@Namsan Public Library) right ahead. 30-40 mins walk Secondly, take the FREE slanted elevator (Namsan Oreumi) to the Namsan Cable Car station. The slanted elevator is well-connected to the Namsan Cable Car station and it only takes 2 minutes to reach the cable car station. Walking Duration from Myeongdong Exit 4 to Slanted Elevator: ~ 12 minute There are guided walking tours available which will take you N Seoul Tower and Namsangol Hanok Village. The tour takes around 2-3 hours and runs during day time and after sunset. Click here for more info and to book the tour. 4 The easiest way to get to the tower is to take a taxi or a bus to the Namsan Public Library. Right near this library, you will see the path that will take you to the tower. The walk is no longer than 20 minutes and it's quite enjoyable. There are many trees and from time to time you will see glimpses of the city So now let's go on a journey to the Namsan Tower! To get there I actually walked from Myeongdong Station, and saw the Cathedral, then I discovered an area dedicated to animation! (Life's surprise!) I will dedicate a post someday to Myeongdong I took so many photos there! The tower is really close to this animation area, so I just walked to the a special elevator station called the.

Namsan Tower is one of the best places to get a view of Seoul. Photo by CYAN [CC BY-SA 4.0] It took me forever to get up there too, because like you said, the views are already so amazing from the love locksbut I will say that you get a different view from inside the observatory, and you can really see the whole city from every angle. N Seoul Tower ticket price is a steal though. When you come to N SEOUL TOWER by bus Please ride the Namsan Sunhwan Shuttle Bus (number 02 and 04) Please park your car in a parking lot near the bus stops and take advantage of the Shuttle Bus The Seoul City Tour Buses are also available for tourist group You can go to the Namsan Seoul Tower through a cable car, which is by far the fastest way to get there, and it will cost you not more than $8. If you want to walk for a while to enjoy the blowing wind in the mountains, you can get there on foot as well. Walking in the mountains will bring a bonus for you if you visit there in spring

I always wanted to visit the Namsan tower or N Seoul Tower, I did not have the chance to visit it when I was in Korea 6 years ago. Therefore, I told myself for this trip I have to go and take some photos there. Based on my memory I thought that getting to Namsan tower is easy, but it was not. I wanted to go up to Namsan tower via cable car, however, after researching on ways to get there and. There's only one word for my first visit to Seoul: Romance! Perched atop Namsan Seoul Tower is an observation deck overlooking the most breath-taking view of Seoul.Upon it, flourishes what Seoulites call The Locks of Love.. It's a crazy tradition that spans the globe and that Seoul youth started at Namsan Tower in the hope of bringing friends and romantic partners up to the observation. How To Get There. Find your way to Namsan Cable Car. The easiest way to get there is to take a taxi. If you'd prefer to not take a taxi, find your way to Myeongdong Station on Line 4. From Line 4 - Myeongdong Station (명동역): Walk about 200 meters straight out of exit 4. Turn left at the Sinsegae Department Store intersection. Walk another 300 meters slightly uphill. Ride the small *free.

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  1. The most unique and picturesque way to get up Namsan Mountain to N Seoul Tower is to take the Namsan Cable Car. The cable car takes you straight up Namsan Mountain, offering stunning views of the surrounding Namsan Park and of the city. To get to Namsan Cable Car, you need to take subway line 4 to Myeong-dong Station
  2. Besides way to Namsan tower that you mention above there are 2 way to reach Namsan tower ,by bus and by namsan oreumi elevator...how the direction of that mode trasportation from myeongdong station ? Reply Delete. Replies. Reply. Unknown January 11, 2016 at 2:32 AM. the price for cable car is per person or not . Reply Delete. Replies. Chicken Share January 11, 2016 at 7:40 PM. Yes, the round.
  3. utes (the first bus departs at 7:00 AM and the last bus departs at 11:30 PM) Bus No. 03 Subway station: Seoul Station (line 1 & 4) Exit 9, Itaewon Station (line 6) Exit 4 or.
  4. Namsan Seoul tower or Seoul tower or the radio tower is a popular tourist spot in the heart of Seoul, close to Myeongdong. It is located on top of a mountain and is accessible by road/cable car/a hike. Prefer going in the evening to catch a glimpse of sunset & night time o
  5. g television and radio broadcasts across the capital. Since opening to the public in 1980, it has become a much-loved Seoul landmark. The tower's main attractions include multi-colored digital art projected onto the tower at night, a digital observatory, a roof terrace, the HanCook restaurant, the n.Grill.

Usually you can say riding a cable car is fun and exciting and offers a great scenic view of the area, and that is the case here, but more importantly the Namsan Cable Car is the way to reach the N Seoul Tower. To get to the Cable car, take the subway line 4 (light blue) to the Myeongdong station, take exit 7 or 8 and you will be in front of an office building/bank. Wait here for the free. Many visitors ride the Namsan cable car up the Mt. Namsan to walk to the tower. The tower is renowned as a national landmark and for its cityscape views. The 236.7 m (777 ft) tower sits on the Namsan mountain (243m or 797 ft). It attracts thousands of tourists and locals every year, especially during nighttime when the tower lights up Korea Tourism Organization Official website provides various information on all things about Korea. Take your time to get correct guide each Since Namsan Seoul Tower is located on top of Namsan Mountain, there are many, many stairs to climb if you choose to reach the tower by hiking up through Namsan Mountain (which is what I did)

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Hi, I'm Hana. Do you have a question about Korea? If so, just ask and I'll go! #HANAGo! I'm here to answer your questions, and enjoy all that Korea has to of.. Namsan Park is famous for beautiful walking trails with many species of local wildlife, the Namsan Cable Car and N Seoul Tower. Find out more at VisitSeoul.net Or alternatively, the second way is walking to the tower through Namsan Park. If you have more, you can choose this way and enjoy the beautiful nature of Namsan Park. But since we don't have enough time on the last day of our #FoodInLoveKOREA trip, we decided to get there by cable car. We arrive at the cable car station at 3.30 PM on Saturday and the queue was crazy! We had to queue from the. My first time up to N Seoul (Namsan) Tower was by cable car. There was a wide variety of information on how to get to the top of the tower but my friend and I got lost trying to find the cable car station with the instructions that we had online. So we ended up taking a taxi to the station after climbing hill after hill with no end in sight. I thought that the elevator to get to the station.

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The N Seoul Tower (서울타워) (Commonly known as Namsan Tower

There are so many sights to see and adventures to be had in this wonderful city! I heard about The N Seoul Tower (or Namsan Seoul Tower) and saw multiple posts about it on Facebook. I thought that would be the perfect first place to go and it reminded me of the Eiffel Tower a little. So we took the plunge and took a bus from Camp Humphreys to. Namsan Tower aside from a known tourist spot is currently providing tower broadcast signals to popular Korean medias such as KBS, MBC and SBS. HOW TO GET TO NSEOUL TOWER. NSeoul Tower is located on the Namsam Mountain. To get there you can take the cable car or bus ride. Taking the cable car is more expensive than the bus ride but then it provides a great view of Namsan Mountain and the. However, if you want to explore the full Namsan mountain with all of its nooks and crannies, there's a trail you can take which leads you directly to the tower. Being super fit, and completely refreshed even after walking the whole of Namsangol Hanok Village and more, we took this path. Okay. I lied. We got sidetracked, lost, and was only finally able to find our path after somehow ended up.

How to get to Namsan Tower. The easiest way to get to Namsan Tower is to take a taxi, but that is also the most expensive! The most affordable way is to take one of the 3 shuttle buses that are available! The three shuttles operate when the observatory is open, and it costs the same amount as a normal bus! What is also great is that if you have a transportation card, it is a super convenient. N Seoul Tower Namsan Observatory - Discount Ticket. Add a review Cancel reply * You must be logged in to post a review. Rated 5 out of 5. An*** S*** Brazil 2019-10-10. KoreaTravelEasy 2019-10-14. Thanks for the score! Rated 5 out of 5. Sa*** Z*** France 2018-06-26. Very good deal, the explaination on how to get there were very good we found everything immediately. KoreaTravelEasy 2018-06-27. The N Seoul Tower (Korean: N서울타워), officially the YTN Seoul Tower and commonly known as the Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower, is a communication and observation tower located on Namsan Mountain in central Seoul, South Korea. At 236 metres (774 ft), it marks the second highest point in Seoul. Built in 1971, the N Seoul Tower is South Korea's first general radio wave tower, providing TV and.

How to get to the Namsan Seoul Tower. The good news is that, though it sits on top of a mountain, the Namsan Seoul Tower can be reached by car, bus, cable car, or on foot. If I had had more time, I would have turned the whole thing into a hike up. But, having walked part of the mountain a day earlier, on the day of my visit to the tower, I decided to speed things up. I took the cable car. The. There are a variety of ways to get to Namsan Seoul Tower. Each method has its own pros and cons, so tourists can choose the option that best matches their schedule and tour budget. Access to Namsan Seoul Tower by passenger vehicle (cars and/or taxis) is restricted to reduce the environmental impact on Namsan Park. Therefore, visitors coming by car should consider parking at a lot near one of. Namsan Tower! If I am not wrong, you could either take a cable car to Namsan Tower or you could take a bus there. Of course, I picked . Stefanie. B U R D E N S & J O K E S. At the top of Namsan, there are a variety of inexpensive casual restaurants in the mall at the base of N Seoul Tower, formally the Seoul Tower Plaza (서울타워 플라자). There also is the expensive n.GRILL at the top of N Seoul Tower with its legendary view. However, there literally are hundreds of other restaurants and plenty of street.

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Aug 20, 2018 - Namsan Tower is the most visited attraction in the city. From love locks to breathtaking views, find out everything there is to do there No, there is no direct train from Itaewon station to N Seoul Tower. However, there are services departing from Itaewon Station and arriving at Namsan via Samgakji Station and Namsan Cable Car Station. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 39 min. More detail Namsan Park and N Seoul Tower in the winter. South of Myeongdong on Mt. Namsan is Namsan Park, popular for hiking trails, tourist attractions, N Seoul Tower, and panoramic views of downtown Seoul.Namsan, meaning South Mountain, is the largest park in Seoul attracting over 20,000 people a day who visit here to experience a little slice of nature in the middle of the urban city

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Namsan Seoul Tower is on the Namsan Mountain situated near to Myeongdong. You can only walk up there, however the distance is not that far. Arriving to the overlook point you can see Seoul with its river and mountain. Comparing to Baegundae, here you can see things a bit more clearly. Going up to the tower is not free of charge. However, the elevator is really nice as on the top you can see. Namsan can be climbed in all seasons; in summer it's nice to get up there for the breeze, in winter they go to town with the Christmas decorations, and autumn is nice for the colours. Perhaps the best time though is spring when the cherry trees bloom, as Namsan is one of Seoul's best cherry blossom spots: In addition to the main trail described above, there's a rougher forest trail on. How to get there. There are different ways to go to Namsam Tower. What we personally did, was ride the cable car (₩8,500 RT). From there, you can hop off at Myeongdong Station Exit 3 (train fare: ₩1,050). Stay on the road to the right of Pacific Hotel and walk uphill for 15 minutes. If you're travelling with older people, like I did having my parents with me, you can also ride a shuttle. Namsan Seoul Tower Namsan Seoul Tower Travel Guide Store Directory Media Center Location Facebook Instagram. 04340 Namsan Seoul Tower, 105 Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul Fax: +82-2-756-2486 Business Registration Number: 102-81-32883 COPYRIGHT© NAMSAN SEOUL TOWER, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. All contents of this website are protected by copyright. Unauthorized reproduction, copying and.

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<div>Head to the top of Namsan Tower (N Seoul Tower) in hilly Namsan Park, the largest in Seoul, for some of the best panoramic views over the South Korean capital. There are some restaurants were you can escape the music. It is a great view from the top of the tower though. N Seoul Tower views! Namsan Seoul tower or Seoul tower or the radio tower is a popular tourist spot in the heart of Seoul, close to Myeongdong. It is located on top of a mountain and is accessible by road/cable car/a hike. Prefer going in the evening to catch a glimpse of sunset.

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Namsan (N Seoul Tower) is a 'tourist attraction' that we like to show visiting family and friends. We've seen it in summer, autumn, and winter. We've never visited during cherry blossoms because it's hard to predict the exact peak. My brother, sister-in-law, and nephew visited us last April and it was the perfect opportunity to double as tour guides and tourists. They live in Europe. Seoul Tower is a 236.7 m (777 ft) observation tower that sits at the top of Mt. Namsan. The views of Seoul from the top are phenomenal. Had the weather been poor, I wouldn't have gone up, but with visibility being decent and the price being reasonable, I figured why not?, since I had walked all the way up, plus it had only taken me an hour and a half to get there. A ticket to the top.

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N Seoul Tower's mountain surroundings on Namsan (Mt.) have made it a popular place to unwind for locals and . tourists alike. Thousands of padlocks and love notes . are attached to the fence. * Price Info - Observatory. Adult (19 years and over) \ 9,000. Teens (13 - 18 years) \ 5,000. Children (4 - 12 years) \ 3,000 . Teddy Bear Museum. Adult (19 years and over) \ 8,000. Teens (13 - 18. Seoul Tower is built on a 262 meter peak in Namsan Park. This tower is 480meter above sea level, one of the highest tower in the world and one of the most interesting tower especially at night with your love ones. There are usually lots of couples who visit Seoul tower to enjoy a romantic night, to propose or just sitting on the love seat There are also taxi's that are available to get you up the middle level, but I read somewhere that taxi's are not allowed to go up to N Tower for environmental/ preservation project. There are also buses which can take you up 2. the elevator connects the Namsan Cable Car 'station' where you can buy your tickets, if you took the stairs, manage to get in the middle of the Mountain and you will. The N Seoul Tower is a communications tower that sits on top of Mt. Bugaksan. You can reach the top by walking up the entire hill or ride a cable car going up. However, going to the cable car loading area is another thing. We asked some locals on how to get there and we were told to take a certain bus, but we thought that it is so near that we can just walk to it. My new found friend Daisy. I took the cable-car up & down the mountain (only a few minutes each way) and also went up the tower to the observation deck. You get great views from the tower or the platforms. It's about 10000 WON for the return cable car trip, and the same for the elevator up & down the tower. The views were great, with about a 10-15km clear view.

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It really convenient stay and safe. This hotel also near to Namsan Tower we can see the tower from our hotel. Mariati Malaysia. the host provide me to send package from online and very hospitality. thankyou Alyssa Indonesia. No breakfast. Clean, convenient, relatively cheap and friendly. William United Kingdom. The location is perfect! The room is good. The bed is fine. I was expecting worst. Namsan Tower is one of the top reason of why I want to visit South Korea! Namsan Tower is known for its Love Locks and also for sightseeing the Seoul. I first saw Namsan Tower in WGM during the Khuntoria daysss. How to get there? Myeongdong Station Line 4 Exit 3 and look at your left side, you'll see the Pacific Hotel walk going there and as you reach the hotel there are two separate roads. If you get to see Namsan Tower in the dark, you'll find it illuminated in various colours, as if becoming an unmovable firefly. What many visitors don't realize, is that the Namsan Seoul Tower is actually split into two parts: the Seoul Tower Plaza and the N Seoul Tower, where the main observatory is located. At the Seoul Tower Plaza, you can enjoy a hanbok experience (find out which. It is so near with Myeongdong Street. Spacious room and warm. Namsan tower view summore. Khairun United States of America. This is the second time to stay here. I love this place Nutchanat Thailand. It's accessible to any tourist spots and it is also near to train station. The staffs are nice as well. Shamir United Arab Emirates. The rooms at this hotel are really big, which I loved. The. Finding Seoul: Namsan Tower and the Locks of Love - by GrrrlTraveler; Namsan Mountain and North Seoul Tower - by Seoul Mates Korea; The Best Restroom in Seoul - by The Seoul Stop; How To Get There. Where: Seoul-si, Jung-gu. From Line 4 - Myeongdong Station (명동역): Walk about 200 meters straight out of exit 4. Turn left when you get to the Sinsegae Department Store intersection. Walk.

Recommended Courses Theme Courses Photo Zone Namsan 7 Views Tower Inside Tourist Attractions at Namsan . Namsan Bongsudae . Bongsudae was used as an emergency communications method and the Namsan bongsudae was the final destination for fire beacons around the nation. Since the early Joseon Dynasty, there were five bongsudae in Namsan Mountain for 500 years. Bongsudae was destroyed during the. The Namsan Tower from a distance Under the Namsan Tower Love Locks that couples attach at the tower's wire barrier/wall . Close Up view of a Love Lock Korean Architecture going to the Namsan Tower How to Get There: (1) Ride the No. 2, 3 or 5 yellow Namsan buses that circle the mountain, or (2) Ride the cable ca

THERE IS NAMSAN TOWER! This post and video can't be fully appreciated unless you have seen Itaewon Freedom: So we went to Namsan Tower, which we've already been to and made a video for. But, gosh! That was so long ago, and that was way before Itaewon Freedom came out and gave the tower much more importance than before. Is this Homin on We Got Married? Anyhow a couple of stories from this. As Seoul's most iconic landmark, the Namsan Seoul Tower has a wide assortment of attractions and experiences to be enjoyed. Originally opened as Korea's first general radio wave tower in 1969, the N Seoul Tower was renovated and re-opened in 1980 as a vantage point for locals to visit and get a birds-eye view of Seoul

There are many ways you can get to namsan tower (myeongdong station) such as public transportation (bus, subway / metro), taxi and Blacklink limo/transfer/shuttle service. Public Transportation . Distance : 60.619km. Time : 1h 23min. Fare : 3.7. Taxi. Distance : 61.553km. Time : 58min. Fare : 47.4. Blacklink. Fare : 66.3 ~ Price Quote. Since most public transportations (bus, subway/metro) are. Commonly known as the Namsan Tower, is situated on top of the Namsan Mountain and considered to by the highest point of Seoul. The observatory deck has a spectacular view of Seoul and proves to be a very popular tourist attraction. It features rotating restaurants, cafes, observatory decks, movie cinemas, shops and performance halls. Getting their is quite simple, usually by cable car which. You can buy N Seoul Tower tickets in advance here for both saving time and cost:N Seoul Tower Ticket Combos in Seoul. How to get there: Guide to travel at Chungmuro Gauge (충무로역) on the 3rd and 4th railways, Exit 4 Take a 2-minute walk to the bus stop, take bus number 02 or 05 (mountain-shaped car) and get off at the last stop 15 minutes

Whether it's by shuttle bus, cable car or even by foot, there are a few different ways to get to Namsan Tower. However, to fully embrace the romantic experience of Namsan we recommend taking a cable car up - famously used as the set for pivotal k-drama moments. If you want to reach the top with your hair and make-up intact for some cute couple photos, this might be the option for you, as. Accommodation Towards Namsan Tower. If you visit Namsan tower, there are several accommodation options to go to the highest location in Seoul. You can choose to ride a cable car. This cable car is a special vehicle that is prepare to go to the top of Namsan by using a car that runs using a cable. But the drawback is the cost to ride the cable car is relatively expensive. Another option is to. There are a lot of cool little art and character stores here! To get to the tower, I took the subway to Dongguk University station (동대입구역 - line 3) and then took bus 02 to the tower (there are several other busses that go there too). To get to Zaemiro Comics Street, I drew a little map for y'all. Excuse my attempt This tower sits on top of Namsan mountain, and if you have time there are trails that lead to other highlights including Seoul's Old City Wall. This tower is the second highest point in Seoul at 236 meters (774 ft). WOOndering what the highest point is, ha! me too its a mountain range to the north of the Han River called Bukhansan, its highest peak is Baegundae at 836.5 meters. Ending my visit to the Seoul Namsan Tower. There are many souvenir shops on the top floor of the Seoul Namsan Tower. After spending about 30 minutes admiring the few and taking too many photos, I purchased a few keyrings and fridge magnets for the friends and family back home. It was getting dark by now, and I decided that it would be better to get back to my hotel. Getting lost in a strange. NAMSAN TOWER RATES. And of course, I have this thing with communications towers. I actually never thought of a tower to be romantic and beautiful since I set my foot here. I didn't get the chance to go up in the observation deck, but it costs KRW9,000 or around 360 pesos. Above, you'll see the 360-degree view of Seoul

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